India authorities release hundreds of adorable turtle hatchlings

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1 個月前
A group of endangered turtle hatchlings that were saved as eggs were released into the ocean in south India on (March 5). This year 131 hatchings were released into the sea in the Rameshwaram coastal area in Tamil Nadu after hatching from a clutch laid earlier this year. The turtle eggs are collected by Forest officials from clutches laid by turtle mothers on the beach, then buried in a protected section of beach safe from predators. Collected eggs are kept underneath the sand for a period of 48 to 54 days, after which the new hatchings are released into the sea, often in the evening or early morning to allow the little turtles to move in cooler temperatures. Footage shows patrollers in teams of three searching the area for mother turtle tracks, or loose patches of sand recently dug up by laying turtles.
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