Brave dog takes on wild water buffalo in Indian forest to save owner

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8 個月前
A farmer survived a risky encounter with a wild water buffalo in south India thanks to his courageous pet dog. Venkatesh, a coffee planter in Jaavali village near Mudigere taluk in Chikmaglur district, Karnataka was going to his estate on the night of November 15. His pet dog, Atom, was riding with him in his jeep when they came across an adult water buffalo in the forest. The animal refused to move and stood blocking the narrow road. Before Venkatesh could react Atom leapt off the open jeep and took on the bison. The puny pet tried to snap at the heels of the huge bison and kept barking, ignoring the command of its master to return to the jeep. Perhaps unnerved by the courageous dog and the headlights of the jeep, the bison gave in and moved away. The Indian bison is the tallest of wild cattle species and can weigh up to 1000 kg.
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