Cheers ring out as Confederate statue removed in Richmond, Virginia

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1 個月前
The removal of a statue depicting Confederate general Stonewall Jackson resulted in cheers from a crowd in Richmond, Virginia. Footage captured on July 1 shows a crane using an attachment to remove the statue from its plinth. A crowd gathered in the pouring rain on the corner of Arthur Ashe Blvd. and Monument Ave. to witness the removal of the statue, upon the crane lifting of the figure, the crowd cheers. Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson was a Confederate general in the American Civil War
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    Save the cheers for when violent crimes committed by our most valued protected class quit increasing and start decreasing. Removing this statue is in no way paving the way for that to happen. It just makes the criminal element of the protected class feel more justified and empowered. What will it be like 5 years from now if the criminals get bolder?
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    Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.
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    Genesis 1:1
    Brown shirts rely on Mob Rule
    LEFTIST media race baiting
    Democratic Party in bed with ALL of America's enemies.
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