Chinese firefighters rescue 2-year-old with head stuck in window grill

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2 個月前
A girl was rescued after her head got stuck in a window grill in central China. Filmed in Tongshan County, Hubei province, the video shows a 2-year-old girl's head was stuck in the grill of a balcony window on the sixth floor. When firefighters arrived at the scene, they saw a kind witness was holding the crying child to prevent her from falling down. He had been holding the girl for more than 10 minutes. The fire brigade quickly removed parts of the framework to expand the gap, and the girl was fixed with ropes. After about five minutes, the girl was rescued and her physical condition was fine. It is understood that the girl stayed alone in the room to play by herself, and climbed onto the window via the sofa. She then accidentally fell from into the gap. The video was filmed on May 5 and provided by local media.
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