Chinese shopkeeper miraculously dodges falling asbestos roof in gusting winds and rain

47 次觀看・5 個月前
A local shopkeeper narrowly escaped a potential catastrophe when a section of an asbestos roof was blown off a building and plummeted earthward, grazing him in the process in southern China. Video filmed in the city of Foshan in Guangdong Province on June 23 shows, a shopkeeper being caught off-guard by the sudden storm and moving an electric scooter indoors when the terrifying incident occurred. The wind-whipped roof tile narrowly missed the man's head before crashing to the ground, leaving a dent in the scooter's head deep enough to fit a finger. Relieved but shaken, the shopkeeper's wife recounted the incident, expressing her gratitude that her husband was unscathed but also describing the horrifying ordeal. "I'm very thankful my husband didn't suffer any injuries," she said. "But the scooter’s head is dented to the depth of a finger. It's quite frightening to think about." The couple have since reported the incident to the property management of the building. Investigations are currently underway. The video was provided by local media with permission.