Crafty local engineer converts rusty unused bicycle into e-bike in central India

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2 個月前
A local engineer converted an 18-year-old rusted bike into an electric bike due to the rise in petrol prices in central India's Madhya Pradesh on February 22. A video show features a middle-aged man assembling the components of a new electric bike that he is working on. He accelerates the vehicle and begins to drive it around the street with another local seated behind him. The onlookers in the region catch a glimpse of this e-bike and behold the occurrence. An engineer, identified as Ushakant Digarsay, works as a lineman electrician for the local Electricity Department. He converted an 18-year-old bike into an e-bike. He installed a sensor in it, and along with it, he has also installed four batteries of 12 watts to power it. Due to the rise in the petrol prices, Ushakant decided to reconstruct an old bike, whose registration was about to terminate, into a new one. Ushakant spent around $400, to rebuild the bike. Moreover, his electric bike runs for almost 35 kilometers after being charged for six hours a day.
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