Elderly Palestinian woman has mud hut full of ancient artifacts and antiques

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2 個月前
Inside an old hut, a building made of mud, Palestinian archaeological tools and collectibles are lined with some artifacts belonging to several ancient civilizations, as the elderly appear in those institutions, in their correct place in the North Al-Tuffah area. Gaza. The elderly Palestinian woman, Umm Muhammad, was able to restore life to the hut, by restoring it and her young nephew, Muhammad, using some local materials to strengthen it, in order to emphasize the interest in the archaeological sites that express Palestinian civilization and heritage. "Umm Muhammad Al-Faqih Interview" "This cottage was built 15 years ago, and I sit here always and at all times, at night time I go to sleep, and I like to sit here because it is quiet and I don't like the noise" "Behind the door are gunpowder, swords and daggers, all in ancient times, and a gate in ancient times like swords and spears." "I want people to go back to their old days and remember to build houses out of mud, and this hut is warm in winter and in summer it is cold"
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