Electric gate collapses on Thai man after he presses button to open

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4 個月前
This is the shocking moment an electric gate fell onto a driver after he pushed the button to open. Panuson Sawat was leaving home to go for a drive when he tapped the switchboard code for the barrier to slide open. CCTV footage shows how the metal fence suddenly crashed down, pinning him to the ground as he screamed in pain. He summoned all of his strength to push away the gate and crawl to safety on his driveway in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand on May 26. Panusorn said he was about to leave the house when he pressed the control buttons and the gate unexpectedly collapsed. He suffered bruises and swellings on his head but he escaped any serious injury. Panusorn said:' 'I was quite scared when I saw the gate starting to tip over after I had pressed the switch. "Luckily I was only slightly injured because the door did not hit my whole body and I managed to move out from it after a few seconds."
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