Fishermen carry on working as typhoon hits the Philippines

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7 個月前
Fearless fishermen braved a typhoon to paddle through the sea in search of a bumper catch. The men waded through the choppy ocean despite the bad weather brought by typhoon Kalmaegi in Cagayan, the Philippines, this morning (November 19). More than 5,000 people have been evacuated ahead of the arrival of typhoon Kalmaeg, named locally as Ramon. But onlooker Jay Cezar said that despite hundreds of families from the coastal village already being moved to evacuation centres, the three fishermen stayed to try and land a bumper catch. They were seen up to their necks in the rough sea while using spears to catch Ludong or lobed river mullet. Jay said that catching Ludong is one of the main income sources of residents of Santa Ana. Ludong is also among the most expensive fish in the Philippines, costing around 80 to 100 dollars per kilo. He said: "Ludong comes out during and after typhoons. These guys were wading through the water using nets. It was dangerous but they have to earn a living.'' Jay said that the expensive fish is found most commonly in areas where freshwater and seawater mix. He said that the fishermen were only able to wade through the shallow waters instead of sailing out because of the dangers of the typhoon. Kalmaegi is set to landfall in Cagayan today. Some 5,000 people have been evacuated in the northern Philippines ahead of the arrival of typhoon Kalmaegi. The typhoon was located 110 km east of the town of Calayan in Cagayan at 7 am on Tuesday,
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    Family still has to eat.
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    Ben C
    Nothing knew. This happens everywhere. Family needs to eat. Forest hump got rich by working during the typhoon. I saw it so it must be true.
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    3rd worlders are so amusing in their antics.
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