Four found dead after mudslides and floods hit southern China

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Devastating flash floods and mudslides struck southern China, leaving several missing and fatalities. In the early hours of Tuesday (June 27), the tranquil region of Wenchuan County in Sichuan Province faced a sudden onslaught of intense rainfall, triggering flash floods and mudslides in two remote areas. The areas affected by this catastrophic event were the Bansigou in Mianzhu Town and the Xinqiaogou in Weizhou Town. Following the occurrence of these devastating flash floods and mudslides, swift response efforts were mobilised by Wenchuan County. They promptly initiated a level II emergency response for flood control and established the "6.27" rescue command centre at the state and county levels. The primary objective was to coordinate and execute rescue and relief operations. As of now, the calamity has resulted in the disappearance of three individuals, with four reported fatalities. More than 900 people have been urgently relocated to safer locations as precautionary measures. Thankfully, no homes have been reported damaged thus far. The search and rescue operations are still ongoing, tirelessly striving to locate the missing persons. Local authorities, along with dedicated rescue teams, continue their relentless efforts to ensure the safety of the residents and provide support during these challenging times. The video was provided by local media with permission.