Hair-raising moment motorcyclist narrowly misses oncoming cars in the Philippines

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2 個月前
The is the hair-raising moment a motorcycle rider almost hit an SUV and another rider on the opposite lane as it approached a narrow curve. The incident happened at a highway in La Union, Philippines on February 16 afternoon. Rider Michael Boguen said that they could have hit him if he wasn't driving slow that time. He said: "I was on my way to Baguio City when it happened. We should practice defensive driving because we never know if others do."
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    That motorcycle rider is one of the million camote drivers in the country.
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    Even the motor cycle rider who uploaded this video committed a driving violation by overtaking the SUV on a double "yellow" lane!
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    when i drive here in the Phils on a highway i feel like i am being over taken by a million motorcycles. they come from every direction. All drive to fast, make dangerous turns in front of cars, all in an effort to get a few feet closer to their entended goal. It scares me to go out in my car. these motorcycles are even found in the wrong lanes going the wrong way. OMG. so dangerous.
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    Motorcyclist should realized that when they see a "yellow" lane they should never "overtake" and when they see a curve road, they should "slow down".....pity there are lot of occurring accident involving motorcycles...roads are for transport not a race track.....
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    I see the exact same stuff happening between Mandaue and my home in Liloan, Cebu. The motorcycle riders flirt with death, every day. I have to drive extra defensive around them. It used to astound me, when I first moved here. Now, it is rare occurrence to see one riding in a safe manner.
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    don't you know your not supposed to pass the vehicles ahead of you where there is double yellow lines painted on the road ?
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    Rommel S
    When will we ever think about the safety of others? Yeah, sure, we get to drive fast. But what about the safety of others?
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    The way people drive here I'm shocked more are not seriously hurt.
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    camote riders are not only those who ride underbones and small engine displacement motorcycles but also those riders who are riding BMW's and ducati's who have blinkers and horns similar to highway patrol motorcycles counterflowing as if they own the road all along! some of them even have police escorts as their "Hawi boys"!
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    Whether its a car or a bike, what inexperienced drivers don't realize is that when driving downhill its harder to break. So drive in a lower gear to be safe!
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