'Illegal dirty Mexicans': White woman in Houston goes on racist tirade against Hispanic American family and threatens to call ICE

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10 個月前
On a road trip stop in Houston, Texas, an American family of Hispanic descent is subject to racial abuse from a white woman on Tuesday (December 9). The woman verbally attacked the family calling them "Illegal dirty Mexicans," as seen in the video. The woman continued to threaten the family saying she will call U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement on them. The filmer continued to remain calm as she explained she is not illegal. "This woman walks in and as soon as she noticed we were not white she started attacking us verbally," the filmer said. "On her way out she started threatening us with calling ICE on us, that’s why I pulled out my passport, which shows I am an American Citizen."
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    Teufel Hunden
    Thank God! I have been looking for my Mom for 3 days. Thank you Yahoo. Now at least we can light our Christmas cross.
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    It’s a sad day when American citizens have to carry around their passports in order to prove their citizenship to others.
  • J
    I'm sure she'll be in church on Sunday praying and telling herself what a good Christian she is.
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    I have people like this in my town too. They'll use the Hispanics for cheap roofing, landscaping and other manual projects to SAVE money and then complain about them being here..
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    Instead of showing your passport, you should have feared for your life, and "stood your ground".
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    ah good, her license plate was shown...
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    John G
    She must've learned this during her weekly church sermon.
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    Remember the Alamo!.. People seem to forget that Texas was once part of Mexico, and that there were people living here before AND after the european settlers took the place away from the Mexican government.
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    So, so tired and upset when I hear/read these stories. That white woman looks like someone who has nothing good to say to anyone, and has a horrible personality.
    There is so much in life to be happy and thankful for.

    I am a Hispanic female and have always been proud of my ethnicity.
    I have always heard that Texas is beautiful, but now I don't think I would want to
    vacation there.

    I hate the ugliness in most people today................................
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    an American family of Hispanic descent. Guess what, that accounts for 65% of Latinos in the whole country. I'm sure the % is even higher in Texas.
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