Mural of Simpsons dressed as Auschwitz prisoners appears on Milan train platform where thousands were deported to concentration camps

78 次觀看・11 個月前
Two murals featuring the Simpsons before and after the deportation to Auschwitz appeared at Milan's railway station, in Italy, as the world observes Holocaust Remembrance Day. The artworks, created by famous artist aleXsandro Palombo, can be seen on the walls of the Holocaust Memorial which lies on what once was Platform 21, "the hidden gateway to hell". From there, hundreds of Jews were loaded onto livestock wagons headed for the concentration camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Mauthausen, Bergen-Belsen, Flossenbürg, Ravensbrück, Fossoli and Bolzano. aleXsandro Palombo portrayed the family in two different ways. The first mural shows the Simpsons wearing badges in the form of a Yellow Star. Jews were forced to wear these patches to be identified during fascism and nazism. The second artwork shows the American animated sitcom characters dressed as prisoners of concentration camps. They appear skinny and emaciated. “These works are a visual stumble that allows us to see what we no longer see. The most terrible things can become reality and Art has the duty to remember them because it is a powerful antidote against oblivion. The horror of the Jewish genocide must be transmitted without filters to the new generations to protect humanity from other horrors such as the Shoah" said aleXsandro Palombo. The footage was filmed by Film Director Nicola Schito.