Officials rescue nearly 100 monkeys from flood using rope ladder in southern India

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6 個月前
Indian officials rescued an estimated 100 monkeys that were stranded in a flooded river near Harihara in southern India. The monkeys were stranded for nearly three days after crest gates at the nearby Bhadra dam were opened, flooding the Tungabhadra river. On August 5, residents of Rajanahalli village noticed the monkeys were stuck on trees submerged in water and alerted local forest officer Hidayat, who went with a rescue team of 15, comprised of forest and fire department personnel. The initial effort to get the monkeys to safety on rafts didn't work as the terrified monkeys stayed put on the trees. The team then used rope ladders and strung them to a tree on the bank, nearly 200 metres away. Once the ladders were complete, monkeys used them to get to safety walking one by one. By August 8 all of them had moved to safety.
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