Passenger demands flight attendant carry her off plane in China after being asked to leave

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1 個月前
A female passenger was seen arguing with a flight attendant after being asked to leave the plane in southern China. In the video filmed in a plane about to take off from Nanning, the female passenger spoke loudly about the inconvenience of walking off the plane by herself and wanting the flight attendant to carry her on their back. It’s understood that, after the passenger got on board, she requested all seats in a row as she could not sit after her surgery. The flight crew decided to ask the passenger to get off the plane after evaluating her medical documents and decided it was not safe for her to continue the trip. However, the passenger refused to get off the plane and made rude remarks and asked the flight attendant to carry her off the plane. Considering her physical inconvenience, the flight attendant did carry the passenger off the plane in order not to delay the flight time. Also, the airline provided free accommodation and a full refund to the passenger. The video was filmed on May 10 and provided by local media.
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