Police seize several alcohol bottles from bootlegger in northern India

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1 個月前
Police personnel have seized large amounts of liquor from a bootlegger in northern India's Bihar. The incident took place in Chhapra city of the Saran district on July 3. Footage shows officials hauling out at least four bottles of alcohol hidden inside the bike's frame. Two bottles were hidden below the seat, and two bottles were hidden behind the front headlamp of the vehicle. The Superintendent of Police, present during the raid, said that officials caught the biker while he was trying to cross the border. Several other bottles were recovered from the bike. Bihar became a dry state in 2015 when Chief Minister Nitish Kumar prohibited the sale of alcohol statewide. Following this, there has been a surge in bootlegging and police officials guard the Bihar-Uttar Pradesh border to prevent illegal liquors from coming in. According to the new amendment, first-time offenders violating the alcohol ban will not mandatorily face a jail term if they pay a fine of Rs. 50,000.
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