Rally against communism is held in Lima, Peru

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2 個月前
Hundreds of people took to the streets of the Peruvian capital on Saturday 8 May, to protest against the candidacy of Pedro Castillo from the Peru Libre party. They accuse the left-winger of wanting to establish communism in Peru. With flags and shouts against communism and terrorism, people gathered in front of the courthouse located in Lima. Former presidential candidate Rafael López Aliaga also appeared and had very strong words against Castillo and his sympathisers. A demonstrator said: "No to Peruzuela (what demonstrators say Peru will be called if Castillo wins and imposes socialism), no to communism, no to Castillo, no to socialism, yes to freedom, long live Peru." Retired admiral and elected congressman José Cueto said: "We must not allow it, that is why we are here, to fight against communism, we are all one force and we are not going to give up, the country needs order, it needs authority but we need everyone to be with us to fight for democracy and freedom." Rafael López Aliaga, a former presidential candidate said: "Is Peru going to be Venezuela? Is Peru going to be Cuba? even worse, being North Korea? Over my dead body." The campaign might be having an effect as Castillo's main opponent, right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori, has narrowed the gap between herself and him in recent polling. The election will be held on June 6.
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