Religious Hindus take to streets for festival while holding hundreds of deadly cobras

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1 個月前
Hundreds of thousands of Indians celebrated the Nag Panchami snake festival on Friday (July 10th) by taking the streets and holding venomous serpents. The festival involves worshipping the reptiles to negate bad karma. Weeks before the festival, residents of Samastipur in Bihar state go snake-hunting. Many species are captured including the venomous Indian cobra. On the day of the festival, the snakes are displayed in huge processions. The snakes are sprayed with turmeric and other spices and also offered milk.
  • r
    This will definitely push the infection rate higher than america!
  • Q
    Many unmask,.. Just need 1 case. The Snake is poisonous but tame not the virus.
  • L
    LOL everyone
    But I don't see any cobras don snake face masks. Why ?
  • P
    India is India. Country of more handphones than toilets.
  • A
    Poor cobra..they gonna get covid
  • T
    TK Yap
    Foolhardy, but then it's their culture. Hope no nasty incidents!
  • A
    Wow. When covid is not dangerous enough!
  • M
    some will died after that but not reported. too many, billion, so no problem
  • j
    I'm not a believer on snake worship, here is the trade, when the cobra bit a person and the person die, no cobra will go to jail, but when a man kill a cobra, it is a sin? Where is justice. Man's life is lesser value than a cobra's life?
  • R
    I wonder if anybody gets bitten by the snakes?
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