Residents desperate for drinking water in central Indian village

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1 個月前
The residents of a village in Madhya Pradesh in central India have been fighting for years to get an adequate supply of drinking water. Video filmed on 6 May in Mudwari village, in Gunnor Tehsil of Panna district, showed people struggling to find water in their village. They operate hand pumps and receive no water from them. After a while they travel to the nearest village in search of water. No one is spotted wearing a mask amid the Covid-19 crisis. The villagers in Mudwari village have been coping for about five years to get an adequate amount of drinking water in their day-to-day life. Locals have appealed to the village council of Panna district and to higher authorities to solve their problem, but nothing has been forthcoming, they say, for years. Newspapers have also published stories to highlight their plight, to no avail they claim. They have been promised a tap in every household but so far that has not happened and the residents are urging the authorities to take swifter action.
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