Singaporean restaurant pours bowls of burning fire into their ramen dishes

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4 個月前
This restaurant in Cathay Cineplex, Singapore, adds something special to their ramen dishes by pouring bowls of fire into them. Footage filmed by YouTuber LaughingFoodie shows the staff at the eatery ignite their bowls of ramen with huge flames. The filmer told Newsflare: "When I heard of this place, I was doubtful that they will literally pour a bowl of burning fire in front of you in your ramen. Hence I decided to head down to have a try. "The place is located at Cathay Cineplex along Orchard Road. There might be a queue when you get here so remember to come early and bring along your friends to watch them get burnt. "We ordered a Tonkotsu Fire Ramen (pork borth) and a Shoyu Fire Ramen (chicken borth) and also some fried karaage to pair with the ramen." This video was filmed on February 19.
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