Sparks fly from pickup truck in high-speed police chase in Thailand

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2 個月前
Dramatic police chase footage shows sparks flying from a car being driven by a suspected drug dealer. Officers began following the pickup truck on Tuesday afternoon (May 26) when they noticed the driver was acting suspiciously. The black Isuzu lost its front right tyre after trying to get away and ramming into a curb on a foot path. Police then started a high-speed chase as the car hit speeds of more than 80mph while driving on just the front wheel rim. The reckless driving caused a long trail of orange sparks as the alleged drug dealer weaved between vehicles on the busy motorway in Chonburi, eastern Thailand. Officers from the Nong Kham police station later caught the suspect drug dealer and he was allegedly found with 3,250 pills of amphetamine, known locally as Yaba, and 41.07 grams crystal meth. A police spokesman said: "We caught the driver of the vehicle and have been investigating more offenders connected to him. We believe there are more than five people involved with the drug dealing gang.'' The driver was remanded in custody while officers interrogate him to try and uncover other people involved with the alleged drug dealing operation.
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