Tightened security at police stations after suicide bombing in Bandung, Indonesia

1 年前
Police throughout Indonesia have tightened security following the suicide bombing that occurred in the courtyard of the Astana Anyar Police office, Bandung City, Indonesia, on December 7. The video shows strict police checks and inspections at a police station in in Sorong, Southwest Papua Province. All visitors can be seen going through tight security checks before accessing the building. Local police have also deployed a K9 sniffer dog to assist with the operation. According to the Head of the Operational Section, Sorong City Police, Police Commissioner, Muhammad Nur, this increased security and vigilance has been implemented across all levels. "We have ordered all levels up to the Polsek level to increase vigilance. We are doing extra security at every police station in this area," said Muhammad Nur. Extra security and vigilance have also been tightened at airports and ports. According to Muhammad Nur, the staff is inspecting every passenger who has just arrived at the airport and ship port.