Vespa rider attempts crazy record for blindfolded ride up Austrian mountain road

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2 年前
A record-setting Vespa rider attempted a dangerous trick by trying to pull of the the longest blindfolded drive on a single lane vehicle in the world, on the 46km Grossglockner road in Austria. Rider Guenter Schachermayr had been preparing for the "Grossglockner Blind" for three years, being equipped for the ride on November 1 with a radio and an additional oxygen cylinder in his backpack. The alpine road is very steep and rises to heights of over 2500 metres (around 8200 feet), being named after the Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria. However the team were forced to abort the ride after only 15km when slowed down by other vehicles on the road, though Schachermayr remains optimistic for the future.
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