Village in the Philippines plays 'The Purge' announcement on speakers to enforce curfew

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4 個月前
A village chief in the Philippines has an amusing way of telling children about the curfew - by playing "The Purge" movie's warning message in announcement speakers. Resident Rica del Mundo said the Barangay village in Manila City plays the ominous announcement every other day. She said: "We have a unique way of curfew announcements. Who would not want to go home when they hear that?" The city of Manila is implementing a juvenile curfew ordinance across the city from 10pm to 4am.
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    PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE!! prevent crimes bago pa magsisi sa huli.
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    Kung sa bgy at municipal level pa lang aligned lahat ng Bgy Captain at Mayor ano ang standard rules pagdating sa curfew then walang addict at pusher na pakalat kalat sa gabi wala ding palaboy at ibang criminal elements na gagala durig curfew hours at makikita lang bgy tanods, pulis at night watchmen/sikyu ng mga establishments...lahat ng disiplina at implementation nito sa grassroots pa lang kung effectively done walang kaso ..kung i-pattern niyo lahat sa template ng pamamalakad ni Isko ang gagawin ng lahat ng mayors at kapitan ng bgy we will at least salvage face at baka sakaling bumilis umasenso ang Pilipinas...kaso kung nag mayor ka na intensiyon ang mangurakot di mo kayang gawin kahit kailan ang ginagawa ni Isko Moreno sa Maynila kasi it takes political will at true public service mind para maging effective kang Mayor.
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    the kids will figure out it's all a lie in no time, if they haven't already. then they will no longer listen. even worse, perhaps it will teach them that is OK to pick up a gun and join in.
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    Tarzan X
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    LOL,,, good 1...
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    Purge is killings..this is not proper to use, Let curfew be a curfew
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    WOW, way to traumatise your kids for a lifetime on a grand scale. Who in their right mind would allow, much less play that so all the little kids can here. Luckily, most are probably to young to understand it to begin with. But, it's the thought that an adult would do something like that and thinks it's OK or even funny. Sad.......
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    I am happy hearing the curfew announced at the Brgy 864 in Pandacan, Manila this will keep the youth safe inside their home, so parents will be less worrie. Thanks to the effort of the Brgy Officials
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    I am satisfied with the Philippine war on drugs because before this war was wage the Drug inspired criminals are lording it over our place . Now they are hibernating waiting for the time another president who is PRO Drug will take over the helm of the Philippine government . I dread to see that time happen. My relative was killed and raped by a heinuous drug addict !
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    if this strategy is effective then maybe we can also do this in other baranggays all over Phils..👍
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