Worker injured after trying to save snake trapped on electrical cables

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2 個月前
A worker was injured after trying to save a snake trapped on top of electrical cables. The man was called in the area to retrieve a snake coiled on top of a 15ft-high power line in Iloilo City, the Philippines on September 4. He tried to rescue the serpent using a long pole where it slithered down but the snake started thrashing around when it was held by the personnel and struck his hand. The snake was slightly venomous and its fangs sank deep into his hand causing excessive bleeding so he was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Local power supplier representative Mariel Hipolito said: ‘Residents filed a report to us after seeing the reptile twisted on an electric cable. ‘We sent personnel in the area to retrieve it but the incident happened. He was fine now after receiving treatment at the hospital.’ Medics administered an antivenom shot at the worker and cleaned up his wound. He was discharged on the same day. The snake, on the other hand, was turned over to the local Department of Environment and Natural Resources office where it will be rehabilitated and released.
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