North Korea Missile Launch Triggers Sirens in Central Tokyo

1 年前

Japan issued a warning to residents in Tokyo and two northern prefectures to seek shelter on Tuesday morning, October 4, after it said North Korea fired a ballistic missile over the country.

Sirens could be heard blaring in central Tokyo on Tuesday morning, footage shows.

The government issued a J-Alert (National Instant Warning System) for Hokkaido and Aomori prefectures, as well as Tokyo.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said North Korea launched a ballistic missile from its interior in an easterly direction at around 7:22 am on Tuesday.

“Details are still being analyzed, but it is estimated that the ballistic missile passed over Japan’s north-eastern region and fell outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone in the Pacific Ocean at around 7:44 am,” Matsuno said.

“North Korea’s series of actions, including its repeated launches of ballistic missiles, threaten the peace and security of the region and the international community, and are a serious challenge to the international community as a whole, including Japan.” Credit: @naru76nya via Storyful