Eleven mourners injured after bridge collapses on their way home from funeral

4 年前
Eleven mourners returning from a funeral were injured after a bamboo rope bridge collapsed over a river in the Philippines on Wednesday (November 20) afternoon. The villagers had just finished a wake and were crossing the rickety bridge when it suddenly gave way near the town of Sadanga in Mountain Province. Eleven people were injured, some of them seriously. They had to be taken away by stretchers because of the extent of their injuries. The victims had just come from a wake and were walking on the bridge together when the cable of the bridge snapped because of the weight. They were taken to Bontoc General Hospital and Luis Hora Memorial Hospital to receive treatment. Onloooker Nayr said: ''The bridge snapped because it was old and could not stand the weight. Residents and police helped to rescue everybody but some people were badly injured.'' The Betwagan hanging bridge in Sitio Futyang connects the mountain village separated by the river. It was constructed in 1991 and is about 28 years old.