NYC artist creates sculptures out of MetroCards

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STORY: This New Yorker creates sculptures and mosaics out of MetroCards

a fare pass for New York City commuters

Location: New York

(Thomas McKean, Artist)

“I got hooked on the material, because what you don't realize, I have a selection here, is that from card to card, the colors vary. So here the yellow is more of an ocher. Here it's somewhat lighter. Sometimes it gets to be quite orange, sometimes very pale, canary yellow, and same with the blues."

"It was like discovering an entire little universe. I'm sort of amazed, because I remember when I first began it I thought, 'Oh I'll do this for a week or two.' I had no idea."

(Journalist) "And how long has it been?"

(McKean) "Over 20 years."

But McKean’s supply of MetroCards may soon run out

as the city plans to replace fare cards with a tap-and-go system

“Everything has a time span and I've been doing this quite a while and I have a pretty good collection of cards left. I figure when the time's done, it's done."