Orphaned baby echidna receiving care at Australian zoo

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STORY: Location: Sydney, Australia

A baby echidna, also known as a puggle,

receives round the clock care at an Australian zoo

The orphan was found in a forest northwest of Sydney

[Deb Collins, Wildlife hospital keeper Taronga Zoo]

“So Milly (puggle) was found back in the middle of November, she was just discovered on her own, without her mother. We estimate her age at about 35 days when she came in and, which at that age she should’ve still been in mum’s pouch so something’s happened to mum which has made her drop the puggle, we don’t know what because we never found mum.”

“Temperature is one of the things that’s quite different, usually you want to keep things warm, with a puggle you actually have to keep them a bit cooler because they are at risk of overheating so she’s actually been saying in a very big tub in my bathroom at home because that’s the coolest place in the house and with all of the very warm temperatures over summer we didn’t want her to overheat so she’s been down there for, or in my bathroom since November.”

The echidna will be released back into

the wild later in the year when fully grown