Police Help Evacuate Elderly, Immobile From Wildfire in Chile's Cautin Province

1 年前

Police said they evacuated “a group of people with reduced mobility made up of children and grandparents” from areas in Cautín Province, Chile, on Monday, February 6, as deadly wildfires killed at least 26 people across the country.

Footage posted to Twitter by the Carabineros Region de Nuble on Monday shows police assisting evacuations from areas “on the route that joins the communes of Cholchol and Galvarino” in Cautin Province, police said.

At least 26 people were killed and more than 800 homes destroyed as a result of more than 200 active wildfires, the Interior Ministry said. Multiple evacuation notices were in place across the Maule, Bio Bio, Nuble, and La Araucania regions, according to reports.

At least seven people were killed and 285 homes were destroyed by fires in La Araucania region as of February 6, SENAPRED reported.

An evacuation order was issued for the town of Cholchol on Saturday. Credit: Carabineros Región de La Araucanía via Storyful