For You, by You - Say Hello to Our Makeup Range, Beauty by POPSUGAR!

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3 年前

We asked you, our trusted audience of beauty junkies, what you'd like to see in a makeup line. After 18 months of development, we're happy to announce that Beauty by POPSUGAR is available now in select ULTA Beauty stores! There are several categories of products with over 80 items overall, including liquid lipsticks, metallic eye shadows, and an out-of-this-world holographic lip topper! Beauty by POPSUGAR is cruelty-free and made without "nasty" ingredients while incorporating the good ones. Watch to check out more, and leave a comment on what you're excited to try!

Fischer4 年前
Chemotherapy destroyed my eyebrows,best thing I have ever do...更多
timadak3 年前
hi there.....i did it 5 times and i love it....look much you...更多
Anonymous3 年前
Sweetie, that curling iron did absolutely nothing for you. ...更多
BB4 年前
I'm the only one thinks they look unnatural and that the cur...更多
Ambrose4 年前
If you have to ask a question like that the answer if most o...更多