What is platonic co-parenting?

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Emmy Award-winning journalist Van Jones recently announced the birth of his daughter. But Jones decided to have the child with his friend, Noemi, rather than a romantic partner. Platonic co-parenting is when adults who aren't romantically linked agree to raise a child together. Some people choose lifelong friends, while others may even pay an online service to find a platonic match to start a family with. Platonic co-parents may opt to adopt, use sperm and egg donation, surrogacy or conceive together on their own. According to The Guardian, platforms like Modamily and PollenTree, which facilitate co-parenting, have seen a 30 to 50% uptick in traffic since the start of the pandemic. The Law Office of Keoni Souza recommends interested platonic co-parents seek a solid legal arrangement before they take the big step. Professor Susan Golombok, director of the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Family Research, says. “it is possible, though, that taking away romantic baggage could even make for a more stable environment” as long as the parents are good at communicating