Why the Fed may not be worried about high oil prices yet

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The Federal Reserve announced it will keep rates steady, with a possibility for another rate hike down the road. With gas prices rising, student loan repayments resuming, workers' strikes, and a potential government shutdown, there's a lot of uncertainties for investors to consider. Another one of them is what the Fed will do at their November meeting.

Peter Tchir, Head of Macro Strategy for Academy Securities and Yung-Yu Ma, U.S. Chief Investment Officer of BMO Wealth Management, join Yahoo Finance to discuss their predictions for the Fed's next move and how markets are reacting to all the latest financial headwinds. When asked about the central bank's options going forward, Ma explains that the Fed will have to pay attention to these headwinds saying "its definitely still data dependent whether or not the Fed raises rates again...cutting rates is far out prospect at this point."

Tchir says when it comes to higher oil prices, he thinks the Fed will be "reluctant" to try to deal with them through monetary policy, adding that prices may have to be higher until January or February for the Fed to become concerned.

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