President Biden Welcomes NBA Champion Golden State Warriors to White House

1 年前

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris welcomed the Golden State Warriors basketball team to the White House to honor their 2022 NBA championship on Tuesday, January 17.

Harris reflected on her memories as a Golden State Warriors fan and complimented the team for their dedication to the “principles of equity, equality, and justice” before Biden took the podium.

Both Harris and Biden took a moment to acknowledge the California community that has been impacted by extreme weather.

“Difficult moments like this remind us that we are one America, and folks, I know the team we’re honoring today understands what it takes to work together. Let me just say that the Golden State Warriors are always welcome in this White House,” Biden said.

In 2017 former President Donald Trump rescinded his invitation to the Golden State Warriors, citing Steph Curry’s hesitation to the “great honor.”

The Golden State Warriors responded in 2017 by saying they were disappointed that they did not have an opportunity to share their views or have an open dialogue.

Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry thanked Biden and Harris for their invitation to the White House and presented them with personalized Golden State Warriors jerseys. Credit: The White House via Storyful