Protesters Bring Statue of Naked Putin to Prague Summit

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Protesters brought a statue of a naked Vladimir Putin sitting on a golden toilet to the second day of a summit of European leaders in Prague on Friday, October 7, the Russian president’s 70th birthday.

Footage filmed by Anastasia Signaevska shows the statue, as well as a smaller one of a naked Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko.

A man explains that Lukashenko is a “fervent player of hockey, so this hockey stick is bloodied ‘cause he’s also a very bloody dictator.”

Below the figures is a representation of a body from Bucha, the man says, referencing the village outside Kyiv where hundreds of bodies were found in mass graves after the retreat of Russian forces.

The summit was the first meeting of the European Political Community, a group of 44 EU and other European countries, initiated by French President Emmanuel Macron. Credit: Anastasia Signaevska via Storyful