Putin Blames Israel-Gaza Conflict on 'Failure' of US Policy

19,789 次觀看・10 個月前

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the violence in Israel and Gaza was “a clear example of the failure of the policy of the United States in the Middle East” during talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani on Tuesday, October 10.

Footage released by the Kremlin shows the pair meeting in Moscow.

According to a machine translation of a transcript of Putin’s remarks, the Russian president said the US “was not concerned with finding compromises acceptable to both sides, but, on the contrary, putting forward their own ideas about how this should be done” and failing to take into account “the fundamental interests of the Palestinian people,” including the creation of an independent state.

Putin’s remarks came as Israel bombarded Gaza with airstrikes in response to deadly attacks carried out by Hamas militants over the weekend. Credit: Kremlin via Storyful