Now Hollywood video game performers could strike

9 個月前

STORY: Hollywood writers may have reached a tentative deal with major studios, but there could be a new twist in the tale.

Video game voice actors and motion capture performers could now go on strike.

They are represented by the SAG-AFTRA union - the same body that represents the film and television actors who went on strike in July.

It said more than 98% of those who cast ballots voted in favor of the move if negotiations on a new labor contract fail.

The union is due to begin contract talks with major gaming firms on Tuesday (September 26).

SAG-AFTRA wants talks over higher pay, medical treatment and breaks for motion capture performers.

It also wants protection against artificial intelligence.

The union argues video game performers need wage rises, and says their pay has not kept up with inflation.

It also wants more protections for the motion-capture performers who wear markers or sensors on the skin or a body suit to help game makers create characters' movements.

Hollywood has been at a standstill for months with both actors and writers on strike.

In May, around 11,500 Writers Guild of America members walked off the job.

The writers' union reached a preliminary labor agreement with major studios on Sunday (September 24).