The Week in Numbers: succession, for real

10 個月前

STORY: From a succession drama seven decades in the making, to why Disney is betting big on theme parks, this is the Week in Numbers.

71 years is how long Rupert Murdoch spent at the helm of his media empire.

Now 92, he’s finally handing the reins to eldest son Lachlan.

Former News Corp exec Jon Miller says it's the end of an era:

"I think Rupert may just be about the last of the founder moguls in the media business. And you think about people like Ted Turner in that regard, for example, Sumner Redstone and now Rupert Murdoch and maybe a nod to John Malone, who is still at it. But but the kind of high profile media mogul, I think, was exemplified by the group I just mentioned and Rupert is the remaining stalwart there."

Now some Murdoch-watchers think Rupert’s other children might one day challenge Lachlan's primacy - setting the stage for a real-life succession drama.

$60 billion is how much Disney will invest in its theme parks over the next decade.

That’s almost double the previous plan.

The firm is banking on its profitable parks to cushion losses from video streaming.

Almost $9.9 billion was the value put on grocery app Instacart in a stock offering.

But the shares soon gave up their early gains, raising doubts about an IPO revival.

Hopes were dimmed further by a slide for shares in chip designer Arm, the other big recent debutant.

$14 billion is the value put on Japanese conglomerate Toshiba.

It’s being taken private in a deal led by Japan Industrial Partners.

The firm hopes that can help it move on from years of scandals.

And $28 billion is how much Cisco is paying to buy cybersecurity firm Splunk.

The biggest tech deal of the year is meant to boost Cisco's software business, and help it muscle in on the AI boom.