Dramatic footage shows a car crashing through sports center wall

369,965 次觀看・11 個月前

STORY: Footage from a CCTV camera shows a motorist losing control of his Mercedes-Benz after entering a roundabout.

The car then flew around 65 feet (20 meters) above ground and pierced the sports complex wall at 16 feet (five meters) above the ground.

Loic Gachertz, a basketball coach in charge of training girls under 12-years old, was on the court as the accident occurred around 7:30 pm.

"I had to turn around and look again to really believe it was a car. It makes no sense", he said.

"Usually, the players and I are on the bench that was smashed... Some players had just put their balls in the rack, just at the spot where the car fell. It was a matter of seconds."

Local police confirmed that only the driver sustained injuries and was taken to a hospital.