Endangered Komodo dragons hatch at Spanish zoo

STORY: For the first time in a decade, Spain

has successfully bred Komodo dragons

Location: Fuengirola, Spain

13-year-old Ora laid 12 eggs in August

Five out of the dozen were selected and

artificially incubated for over seven months

(Milagros Robledo, Bioparc Fuengirola)

“Komodos have not been bred in captivity in Spain for 10 years and in Europe we are the 5th park to do so in the last 10 years. There are approximately 1,500 Komodo dragons left, making their reproduction very important. They are part of a reproduction program controlled by an EEP (European Programme for endangered species) and this milestone is very important.”

The baby dragons live in separate terrariums

so vets can monitor their growth

When ready, they will be reunited

before being presented to the public