Risotto bianco|奶油起士燉飯,全網獨家燉飯手法公開:義大利餐廳如何在十五分鐘內快速上菜,燉飯高湯,洋蔥澄清奶油,燉飯預煮米|燉飯之神系列1


Vegetable stock


1. Celery 120g

2. Carrot 120g

3. Onion 220g

4. Onion skin 1 whole

5. Water 1000ml 

6. Black peppercorn 10-15 pics 

7. Clove 2 pics

8. Herb bouquet from rosemary, thyme, sage to dill (optional) 


1. Washed all the vegetables and chop into equal size.

2. Boil them with water and herbs over medium flame for 40 minutes. 

3. Replenish it with water, and turn off fire when boils again. 

The vege stock can be used for all pasta, risotto and stewed dishes. 


Onion clarified butter


1. Cultured butter 250g

2. Skinned half onion or 220g


1. Melt butter over medium flame.

2. Put in half onion and simmer with baking sheet on top over very low flame to avoid high temperature for 40-50 mins.

3. Strain them over fine sieve and reserve in fridge.

The clarified onion butter has strong onion flavor and can be used for high-heat cooking such as steaking searing, meat basting, stir-frying, sauce making and etc. 

Precooked risotto rice


1. Short-grained rice from Italy risotto rice, Japanese or Taiwanese rice of good quality 500g

2. White wine 350g


1. Toast and stir the raw rice in a large pot/pan until the rice is very hot to touch

2. Add a table spoon of oil to incorporate, and add in white wine, and stir vigorously until the liquid evaporates.

3. Spread them out and release the hot steam to prevent further cooking

4. Wrap them up 100g for each portion.

The wine to rice ration ranges differently from each chef. Some goes for 1:1 ration to further cook the rice so the actual risotto making time can be shortened. The best quality Carnaroli rice is the largest short grain rice and more suitable for this prep method because the hard centre can be easily preserved. Arborio rice is used as for salad or dessert in good Italy restaurant, not for risotto. However not even all Carnaroli rice are good, brands vary. Find your own favorite rice, if the end product suits your taste bud, then roll with it. Only the most professional risotto chef can prep risotto rice from start to finish excellently, and have the rice shows two distinct layers of texture if using the precooked method. In restaurants which using pre-cooked rice, most of their rice taste either soft or not so soft. So find your own favorite rice, if the end product suits your taste bud, then roll with it.

Risotto Bianco


1. Precooked rice 100g

2. Butter 40g

3. Parmigiano-Reggiano 24 month 30g

4. Hot or room temp vegetable stock 300-400g

5. Sea salt 2.5g

6. Clarified onion butter 10g


1. Heat up a pot or pan, drizzle onion clarified butter.

2. Add in rice and stir till sizzling and hot.

3. Add in some vegetable stock to cover the rice, add salt and cook over medium heat.

4. Add in hot stock every time the liquid is hard to seen.

5. Repeat this action when the rice is cooked for 8 mins 

6. When there is still some stock left in the pot, add in cheese and stir the rice and cheese over little flame for 1 min.

7. Cover the pot with lid for 40 to 60 seconds. 

8. Add butter and small amount of stock two times, stir the rice to emulsify.

9. Turn off fire, and add in stock to stir to make a saucy but not watery risotto.

10. Plate and serve. 

The key point of making risotto is not high or low flame, it’s to cook it for as long as the rice demands. For Italy big short grain precooked rice, it’s 13-15 mins. For Asian rice, it’s 8-10 mins. High flame means more evaporation, so more stock will be added. The end-product will be sweeter accordingly, not much harm. In restaurant, we tend to cook over medium or little flame unless the cook wants to spend more effort washing their pots clean. The risotto is actually a lot of flavored cheesy butter sauce wrapping the rice, which makes it so good. The center of the dish is never any other condiments like meat or truffle, it’s always the saucy rice, all others are just to dress up the dish.