Woman hits car bonnet repeatedly in shocking road rage display

9 年前
A bizarre video has emerged of a woman displaying highly unusual road rage behaviour over a contested parking spot in New York, USA. The footage, captured on a car's dashcam, appears to show the woman glaring at the camera and drumming the vehicle with increasing intensity while the driver and a passenger sit inside. "You know this is not normal human behaviour right?" the female passenger remarks. The woman then begins striking the windscreen of the vehicle, coming close to breaking it, before a random member of the public steps in to sort out the situation. The man offers each party $20 to leave the parking spot to him, saying "It would make your day better and her day a lot better." His offer is refused, and police were called to deal with the dispute. Explaining how the argument started, the filmer wrote "I saw a spot from the beginning of the block, and I parked. As soon as I parked, this spoiled lady runs out of her double-parked Benz and starts yelling that I took her spot." "I told her that she was double parked ever since I was on this block and she did not make any attempts to park at all," he continued. "At some point I actually offered to give her the spot if she stops insulting me. That never happened." Although the footage was captured last year, it has only recently been posted online.