German Shepherd gives puppy a bath

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3 年前
A loving German Shepherd helps clean this tiny 7-week-old Dachshund puppy with gentle care. Adorable!
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    German Shepards are great dogs.
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    I grew up with a lovely German Shepard. When she was about 5, my mom got a miniature long-haired dachshund. She took her new puppy out to the back yard to introduce her to the Shepard, and the Shepard met the 6 week old puppy with enthusiasm. She had been missing her long time buddy that had died several months before. When the Shepard opened her mouth and put her mouth down over the entire puppy, my mom's heart quivered though. When she lifted her mouth off of the puppy, she knew all would be fine. That was her puppy now, and she proceeded to mother it for the rest of her life.
    The dachshund would run up behind the Shepard, while she was chewing on a bone, and nip her on the tail. Then when the Shepard turn to see what was going on, little dachshund would run around and steal the bone. It was allowed. The dachshund would also grab the Shepard's tail when she was wagging it and swing. They both seemed to enjoy this strange relationship, and the perverse sense of humor the dachshund seemed to have.
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    This is adorable, it looks like this Shepard really adores his new little brother/sister. Thank you so much for sharing, such tragedy, such senseless tragedy, we need more of these videos, they really brighten a person's day
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    Such wonderful spontaneous loving... Made My Day ... :)
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    Dachshund puppy must think it is a spa day and thoroughly enjoying it.
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    Scott C
    When my day at work sucks as bad as today did, I know I have my four pups happy to see me when I arrive home.
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    What is so sweet is how much that baby Dachshund loves being washed by his German Shepard, you can tell these 2 wonderful, sweet dogs are best friends already. This is a wonderful, sweet video
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    Good story's ARE always welcome,it keeps us focused away from POLITICS for awhile.
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    FED UP
    My GSD is smarter then your honor student!
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    Awwww! So cute!!!!
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