Baby shark rolls over in the sand for a back scratch

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These nurse sharks in the Maldives are menacing looking creatures, but they are gentle, curious, playful, and even adorable. This young shark was swimming around scuba divers exploring a sandy area near Komodo Island. It decided to roll over and rub its head and back on the sand. It's possible this was to relieve an itch and it could also be a way of ridding itself of parasites. Sharks are among the most misunderstood creatures on the planet. They are vilified by Hollywood in order to sell horror movies, but the truth is that they are rarely a threat to humans. Nurse sharks, such as this one are scavengers that eat dead or dying fish. They could rarely catch a healthy fish. They also have no reason to bite humans as they do not see humans as a food source. Sharks are essential to the health of the reefs and oceans because they eliminate unhealthy animals, keeping the other species in check and encouraging the survival of the fittest. Without sharks, the effect of the ocean ecosystems would be disastrous. All life is interconnected. We need to do what we can to understand and preserve these magnificent animals.