Hot and Robust Chai Tea | Yeti Kitchen

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Welcome back to another episode of Yeti Kitchen! Today, we're making a robust and hot chai tea! This recipe has many variations and is meant as a guide to get you started on making your own special chai tea. The ingredients are as follows(keep in mind, I am just giving a general overview of the ratio of spices; the actual amount is not shown here): 6 Pods of green cardamom 4 Black peppercorns 3 Cloves 3 Segments of star anise 1/2 Tbsp of fennel seed 1 Cinnamon stick Fresh Ginger 3 Tbsp of loose black tea (or 4 bags) 1 L Of Water 1/2 cup Of milk 1 Puck of jaggery (or any sweetener you have available) Optional: Vannila, Saigon cinnamon, milk, or cream replacement like oat or almond milk Thanks again for stopping by Yeti Kitchen! I'll see you next time =) Check out and follow me on Twitch. You can always support me on Patreon or PayPal