Squid demonstrates ink squirting capability in Indonesia

23 次觀看・2 個月前
Squid are among the most intelligent of all invertebrates on the planet. They have an impressive intellect and display reasoning and memory capabilities that rival that of octopus and cuttlefish. They have complex communication abilities, using colour change and lights on their bodies to convey6 messages to other squid. They are even capable of flashing different messages simultaneously on opposite sides of their bodies. Another unique capability that squid and octopus have is the ability to squirt ink from their bodies to confuse predators and provide them with a means of escape. The ink can sometimes mimic the appearance of the squid, giving a momentary impression that the squid has not moved. The ink in the water will also affect the visibility in the area, lessening a predator's ability to find it. With lightning speed, the squid will dart away, putting distance between it and the aggressor. This squid in Indonesia was hovering in place as a group of scuba divers approached. The dive leader found the squid with his light and the squid reacted quickly. It shot out its inky defence and departed the area more quickly than the eye could see. There is actually a second squid that appears under the first one, just prior to the moment of escape. These animals are fascinating and beautiful. When we understand how complex the animals in the ocean are, it leads us to a more profound respect for them.