Russia Reports Large Ukrainian Offensive in Donetsk

1 年前

Russia’s Ministry of Defense said on June 5 that a Ukrainian counteroffensive in Donetsk Oblast had been halted the day previous, claiming Russian forces killed some 250 troops and destroyed a number of armored vehicles.

The ministry posted video that it said showed military vehicles coming under fire. Storyful has verified the video was recorded near Novosilka, some 50 miles southwest of Donetsk city.

In a statement, the ministry said Ukraine had launched the “large-scale offensive” in the south Donetsk region. It said Ukrainian forces used six mechanized and two tank battalions, from which 250 personnel were killed, and 16 tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles, and 21 armored fighting vehicles destroyed, the ministry said.

Ukraine has yet to comment on the claims, and the exact date when the footage was filmed has not been independently verified.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal on June 3 that Ukraine was ready for its long-awaited counteroffensive, but gave no date for its start. Credit: Russian Ministry of Defense via Storyful