How to make scrumptious Breakfast Sandwiches

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If you need a new idea for Breakfast, try these scrumptious Breakfast Sandwiches. You can use your favorite Bread or Croissants and serve them with hot sauces if you like a little spice. Breakfast Sandwiches Ingredients: 4 Wheat Bread Slices (or your favorite bread) 4 Eggs 4 oz Ham Steak 3 Sweet Peppers 1/2 sm White Onion Butter 2 oz Mozzarella Cheese, shredded 1 Avocado 1 tbsp Parsley Salt Pepper Toast Bread and cool. Dice Ham Steak. Chop Sweet Peppers, Onion & Parsley. Slice Avocado, set aside. Crack Eggs and season with Pinch of Salt & Pepper, beat until fluffy. In medium Skillet on med/high heat melt 1/2 tbsp Butter. Sauté Ham until warm. Clear the middle of Skillet and add 1 tsp Butter, Sweet Peppers & Onions. Season with Pepper. Stir and combine, cook until Onions n Peppers are tender. Pour Egg Mixture over everything, cook & stir until almost done. Over low heat incorporate Cheese, mix in Parsley and remove from heat. Lightly butter each Slice of Bread. Divide scrambled Eggs on 2 Slices. Place Avocado over, top with other Bread Slices. Enjoy!