Sea World Team Carries Out 'Challenging' Two-Day Rescue to Free Tangled Humpback Whale

17,269 次觀看・3 週前

Marine rescue groups in New South Wales successfully disentangled a humpback whale from a thick rope and towing bouys on Friday, June 21.

Footage released by the Sea World Foundation shows the two-day rescue.

The whale was first sighted near Batemans Bay on June 13, Sea World said.

Rescue groups waited until Thursday, when another sighting was reported off Sandon Beach.

Tracking the whale to Yamba, the team managed to find it five miles east of Angourie, but limited light meant the rescue would have to wait until the night day.

In a challenging rescue operation lasting three hours, the team managed to remove the rope and buoys from the animal before seeing it off on its northern migration with a companion.

“As soon as that last bit of gear come off the whale, it took off swimming freely at 6 knots and it was incredible to see that reaction, and know our work out on the water saved it from a perilous death," Sea World Skipper Andy Mulville said. Credit: Sea World Foundation via Storyful