Seoul, Tokyo residents react to N.Korea's failed launch

11 個月前

STORY: The North Korean satellite saw its booster and payload plunge into the sea, North Korean state media said, and the South's military said it had recovered parts of the launch vehicle.

Sirens started in South Korea's capital Seoul at 6:32 a.m. local time, as the city issued a "Presidential Alert" asking citizens to prepare for a potential evacuation.

Then came a second mobile alert minutes later calling for an evacuation, which remained in place for at least 10 minutes until the city said it had been sent in error.

"I was a little confused by the alert message this morning. But I wasn't that worried as North Korea used to do these things. I rather hope that the alert message would have more accurate information. If they send another alert message in future, it would be better to include instructions," 34-year-old resident Lee Gil-won said.

Some Tokyo residents, who also received emergency alerts, were unsure of how best to respond if a missile hits.

"I honestly have no idea what to do if it (a missile) comes," said 20 year-old student Yuusuka Sakai. "I think all you can do is pray that it doesn't."

"They're moving apart from their supporter China, so North Korea wants to put on a public show for the world. I think they want to tell the world it's not over, we're going to keep doing this, that kind of thing," 68 year-old housewife Masako Tanaka said.